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MotoGP™22 is out!

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25 Years

Milestone Anniversary

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A History made of passion, talent and great results.

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A group that never stops growing.

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Milestone Racing Videogames Milestone Racing Videogames

Over 20 years of passion for racing.

Passion and creativity drive more than 200 professionals who write the history of racing video games every day. Discover Milestone’s history.


Feeling like a real rider, in every game.

Our goal is to give an extremely simulative and fun gaming experience, with the most accurate reproduction of reality. The state-of-the-art motion capture techniques, the Neural AI, and dedicated servers are just some of the ingredients that give players the emotions of real champions.


Milestone Videogames

Discover our internal teams


The department includes Milestone’s Marketing, Communication and Sales teams. From the launch of the product to the production of editorial and creative content on traditional and digital media, Product Managers, PR and Social professionals and sales specialists work closely to get the creations of our Development team to the final user.


The creative, technological and productive core of the company. Following the direction of the Producer, Game Designers, Programmers, Artists and Sound Designers work in teams to create products capable of giving the player the most realistic racing simulation experience. With them, the R&D engineers who develop the technology behind every Milestone products.

Project Management & QA

The Project Management team is responsible for the organization of all development activities, monitoring the progress of the project in line with budget objectives. The QA Team, on the other hand, oversees all phases of the creation process, verifying functionality, technical compliance with the Platform Holders and quality, to guarantee a complete and engaging experience the end user.


From our Administration department, for all the activities related to the company’s economic resources, to the HR team for the management and organization of our people, to the IT division that takes care our network, up to Operations and Data Management, every day so many professionals play in the Milestone team!


Milestone Videogames - Publishing and Marketing
Milestone Videogames - Development and R&D
Milestone Videogames - Game and Sound Designer
Milestone Videogames - Staff