At the Koch Media Group with all our studios and businesses worldwide, we stand united in condemning the ongoing conflict waged in Ukraine. We applaud and support the anti-war protests in Europe and across the world. Our immediate thoughts are with affected friends, colleagues and partners – including those from 4A Games – their families, and all the people of Ukraine, who find war on their doorstep. They have inspired us with their dignity and courage. Now is the time for action. Our parent company Embracer Group and our Group CEO have already pledged a huge donation for humanitarian aid, but we have more work to do. As the Koch Media Group, we have made an immediate, additional donation of $500,000 USD to humanitarian aid. Secondly, we have agreed a scheme whereby all our staff can donate to relief efforts for the Ukraine and Koch will match their donation up to a further $500,000 USD in total. We have identified three organisations operating in the region that we believe are well placed to deliver immediate and material aid to the people of Ukraine that will benefit from these donations. We are currently setting up the process to support this scheme; we expect it to be operational imminently, and will update you on our progress. Furthermore, our studios and businesses are also initiating local activities to support and enable the passionate staff within our group to make a meaningful difference. This may include offering paid leave days so our staff can commit to local volunteering, or providing additional financial/logistical assistance to support our employees who take in refugees, or providing our games and content for Charity bundles with our industry partners etc.

We will keep this page updated, so our employees, business partners and customers can follow our efforts and hopefully take inspiration from them.

Klemens Kundratitz,

Managing Director Koch Media on behalf of :

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