Ride 2 now available!

Posted on 7th October 2016

Slide_outnow Well, today’s the day! We proudly announce that Ride 2 is now available for PlayStation®4, Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system and Windows PC/STEAM™. “We are proud of Ride 2 launch. It’s an extremely important IP into the Milestone Line UP. With the official Day 1 come as well 2 patches that dramatically improve the videogame experience. Plus, we have several DLCs free and for purchase to satisfy some of the requests that came from the official community. We are sure that the game meets the hardcore players needs and it is friendly with the new ones”, affirms Luisa Bixio, Milestone VP.
In order to fix some of the problems found into the game two patches will be available starting from day 1 (on PS4 only one file including both the patches will be downloaded).
  • Several fixes on bike models and custom parts.
  • Several visual improvements on tracks.
  • Several improvements on bike physics (slipstreaming, supermoto handling, 1st gear dynamics).
  • AI behavior has been improved (performance, unwanted mistakes)
  • Audio mixing has been improved.
  • Several improvements in game menu usability.
  • Visual improvements on rain effects.
  • Visual improvements on damage effects on bikes.
  • Fixed racing bike stands.
  • Tuned Artificial Intelligence for opponents.
  • Added Filter functionality in Multiplayer bike selection.
  • Improved menu loading times.
  • Improved sound for Kawasaki Ninja H2R.
  • Improved 3D audio mixing.
  • Several fixes on bike models and custom parts.
  • Various fixes.
  • Xbox One only: Frame rate optimization
Finally, starting from today 3 DLCs will be available: one dedicated to retailers, one for digital version of the game and one Booster Pack for both versions. In the coming months there will be 9 free DLCs and 6 for purchase for a rich gaming experience.