SuperStars Racing V8
Prove your driving skills

Prove your driving skills

Superstars V8 is the official 8-cylinders motor cars Championship game. Thanks to an accurate study on physics and opponents AI it will be possible to feel like you're driving a real race car. The game simulates each aspect of a race and offers the possibility to drive through the official tracks with the official teams and drivers of the 2008 season. The gaming experience can be altered by changing the realism options and the driving aids. Driving style can be selected between Arcade, where all driving aids are active, or Simulation, where everything is in the driver's hands. It is also possible to personalise the driving style by changing traction control, electronic stability control and automatic or manual transmission. Other things have to be taken into consideration: tires and brakes can wear down and the car can get damaged. To optimise driving performances you can count on information from previous races like a real engineer: track info, session selection and statistics and telemetry give you the full picture for each lap. Vehicle configuration can be set up by mechanics or by the player who can select different parameters: suspensions, compression and extension.

Release Date

26 JUNE 2009


PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, Windows PC


English, Francais, Italiano, Español, Deutsch


Online up to 12 Player



- Up to 12 players online
- Platforms: PC, Xbox360, PS3
- Game modes: Quick Race, Training, Race Weekend, Championship, Licenses
- Ultra detailed car models and photorealistic sceneries