Screamer Rally
The Ultimate Rally experience

The Ultimate Rally experience

Screamer Rally is the last title of the Screamer series developed by Milestone and sees the addiction of support for 3D accelerated graphic cards. It's not a new title but a revisiting and an improvement of Screamer 2 from all points of view and the public reception is good thanks to the fun factor and its longevity.
Critics reception is also very positive:
PC ZONE - "A slick, challenging and different game. It really is top stuff."
ULTIMATE PC - "An exhilarating arcade racing game that looks gorgeous and is great fun to play."
PC GAMER - "All in all, it's a fast paced, hugely satisfying rally game."
The player can choose his vehicle amongst four: two front tractions and two 4x4, each with different grip, acceleration, braking, handling and weight. In the garage it's possible to change the parameter of the vehicle (handling, tire type and pressure, front and rear suspensions, brakes) then the only thing left to do is to get on the seven available tracks, racing against five opponents.
Track design improved over Screamer 2, especially with holes and bumps: the terrain is just as rough as in the Rally World Championship. Tracks are located in different countries: China, Canada, Italy, Arizona, Sweden and England. Each one of them offers a different gaming experience, although there won't be much time to admire the scenery!

Release Date

15 JUNE 1997


Windows PC


English, Francais, Italiano, Español


Multiplayer up to 6 Players



- Split-screen
- Multiplayer network up to 6 player
- Platforms: PC
- 4 difficulty levels
- 5 modes: Quick Race, Championship with four different alloys, Time Attack (with or without ghost car) and Multiplayer.