What being a biker really means

Ride the most beautiful and powerful bikes ever crafted.

Race in the most amazing roads in the world on your two wheels companion. Customize your bike in every single detail, making it a reflection of your riding style and of your own personality. Feel the adrenaline, the competition, the freedom.

Release Date

30 NOVEMBER 2018


PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Windows PC®/STEAM.


English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, US English, Portuguese Brasilian


Online up to 12 players



The most complete digital Motorbike Encyclopedia. More than 230 bike models at Day 1, with more than 70 never seen before on a RIDE game. 30 manufacturers, both historical and contemporary, 9 of which completely new. 7 different categories to satisfy all preferences and riding style. A unique, volume-based Single Player experience. Pick your favorite bike and make it your own. Customize every single component, including mechanics and design. Use the new, innovative livery editor to create your own style and to pick the colors that reflect your personality the most.