Iron Assault
Mecha War

Mecha War

Iron Assault is an FPS where the gamer is on board a mech, an enormous and heavily armed biped robot.
Usually the setting of any other mech-sim game is a distant future but in this case everything happens on our own planet at the end of the 21st century. The gamer joins the resistance troops and tries to get their own world back, enslaved by the corporations.
One of the most remarkable features of the game is the presence of stop motion cutscenes, which are unusual in the videogame industry. The game can't be compared to the MechWarrior or Earthsiege series because of its simplistic approach to mech handling; the missions too are only slightly complex and targeted towards the destruction of the opponent.
Every available robot has different features and AI performance. Controls are very simple and lead to victory in any condition. Graphics are not real 3D but a combination of 3D worlds and 2D characters.
All missions have interactive elements that allow the scenery to be damaged, such as the destruction of street lamps.
The game evolves allowing the gamer to be joined by CPU-controlled partners, to whom you can give simple orders.

Release Date

1 MARCH 1995




Italian, English


1 Player



- The gamer can choose between different robots and missiles, all of which can be unlocked during missions.
- There are three different kinds of sceneries: mountain, desert, city and ice fields.
- The point of view is that of the robot cockpit, in front of the control panel. This view gets smaller if radar, damage icons and objectives position are activated.