Ducati - 90th Anniversary
Ninety years of passion in a single videogame

Re-live Ducati's Dream

DUCATI - 90th Anniversary, as a Ride spin off , offers the driving style that has already won over the players paired with a selection of the most significant Ducati models for the home, including some of the icons of the past never seen before in a video game. DUCATI - 90th Anniversary is dedicated to those who love motorcycles and to fans of street racing: DUCATI - 90th Anniversary is a game for those who want to relive a DREAM that has lasted for ninety years. DUCATI - 90th Anniversary will include 39 motorcycles for different levels of performance and grouped in different eras, from the 50s to today, including the bikes of riders who have written the history of the Italian brand, 8 faithfully reproduced official circuits and 5 road tracks where the gamers will be able to test their driving skills.

Release Date

9 JUNE 2016


PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC/Steam


English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, American English, Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, Brasilian Portuguese, Russian (In-game), Polish (In-game), Turkish, Japanese (In-game), Chinese, Arabic (Packshot only)


Offline up to 2 players, online up to 12 players



39 bikes divided into seven eras
The Ducati Museum fully reproduced in the menus
All the tracks from ride and one new circuit, the Misano World Circuit - Marco Simoncelli