The history of the Italian Development

2014 – 2015

2014 – 2015: New IPs

In the 2014-2015 two-year period, following on from the success of MotoGP™14 – the first title appearing on the new console generation, and MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame – Milestone launches its first IP for 10 years: RIDE. The title, dedicated to street bikes, is an instant hit. But Milestone’s challenges are continuing with the second new IP: Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO, out in January 2016.



In 2013, Milestone consolidates its expertise and looks towards future console generations - PlayStation®4 and Xbox One®. Furthermore, it returns after four years with a big game, MotoGP™13. Following the rebranding of the MXGP licence, it announces the Official Motocross World Championship Videogame. The fourth title in the WRC series also comes out in 2013.


The year of the Reboot

2012 marks the year of the reboot for Milestone. The most substantial changes take place in January, projecting the company into the near future with the creation of a dedicated team for development on digital and Mobile platforms - iOS and Android - and the launch of a vast range of products, including SBK Generations, MUD – FIM Motrocross World Championship and WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship 3 available for Windows PC, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 and, for the first time, PlayStation®Vita.


SBK®2011/WRC 2

The official videogame of the Superbike World Championship returns to centre stage with SBK®2011. In this new, sensational title Milestone hones its already impressive riding model, giving everybody a chance to participate in the world of motorcycle racing. Furthermore, Milestone presents WRC 2, the second chapter of a series destined to come into its own in 2012.


WRC World Rally Championship arrives

2010 is the year dedicated to the Superstars V8 Next Challenge, characterised by its new graphics engine, a new physics model, and an innovative system that manages conditions on the track in real-time. This is the same year that SBK X finally reaches a seemingly impossible goal: evolving the most successful title of the Superbike World Championship license. This year also marks the beginning of one of the Milan company's most extreme challenges, with the launch of World Rally Championship 2010.


8 Cylinder Experience

2009 sees the arrival of the third edition of the series inspired by the Superbike championship, SBK’09. At the Games Village 2009, after three years of motorcycle racing projects, Milestone returns with an automobile title, Superstar V8 Racing, dedicated to fans of powerful cars with eight cylinder engines.


The Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 Generation

SBK’08 adds depth to the previous title, adding substantial new features to improve realism by studying the physics of the bikes in various riding conditions. Milestone also confirms the Moto GP license for the 2008 edition and takes on development of the title for the new generation platforms, the Xbox 360® e PlayStation®3.


A software house on two wheels

Milestone gets back to work on the international Superbike World Championship license with the long-awaited SBK’07 World Championship. This period also marks Milestone's first foray into the most famous motorcycle championship in the world, the MotoGP, with the release of MotoGP’07 for PlayStation®2.


Attention to detail

Milestone returns to the track with Evolution Gt, which displays a meticulous attention to the smallest detail, and a new motorcycle racing game, SBK Riding Challenge. In the same year the company develops Australian Idol, the game based on the Australian singing contest of the same name, reproducing the characteristics and dynamics typical of the show.


Customizable Experience

In 2005, under official license from the Italian automobile manufacturer Alfa Romeo, Milestone develops SCAR - Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo, or Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano, a racing simulation game. The product's most revolutionary innovation is the RPG system that makes the game experience unique and "customised" to the player's ability and to their driving skills. Milestone also takes on television once again, with a license to develop the game of the famous English X-Factor singing show, using pitch recognition technology, produced for PlayStation®2 exclusively for the English market.



Partnership with Infogrames, the largest European publisher, marks Milestone's entrance to the videogames for console sector, with the release of Racing Evoluzione, or APEX, for Xbox®. Notwithstanding the substantial differences between producing a videogame for console compared to producing one for PC, Milestone steps up to the plate and overcomes this new challenge magnificently, producing the driving game that would become the reference point for the next generation of arcade racers. The end of 2002 also marks Milestone's affiliation with Gruppo Leader, one of Italy's principal videogame entertainment companies, as well as the start of the partnership with Lago-Black Bean, and the publishing agreement for the development of new products with prestigious licenses. Lago's agreements with the Italian state television company RAI and Magnolia lead to Milestone developing the videogame of the Italian television quiz show "L´Eredità" in 2003.


The dawn of the new millennium

At the dawn of the new millennium, Milestone launches SBK‘00, bringing all the thrills of the Superbike championship to PC with an absolutely unprecedented level of detail, thanks to even more spectacular graphics, capable of exploiting all the latest technology, and even more realistic game physics. An update for the 2001 season and further technical innovations lead to the last chapter in the series: SBK’01, a game that remains, to this day, the most complete motorcycle simulation on the market.


Early Successes

In 1997 Milestone creates a new success with Screamer Rally, an improved version of the preceding title. A new life-cycle began for the company in 1998: it was the beginning of a partnership with Electronic Arts, which put the company in charge of producing the first chapter of the series of motorcycle simulations dedicated to the world of Superbikes, SBK World Championship, published under the prestigious EA Sports brand.



Graffiti, the company founded in 1994 by Antonio Farina, became the basis for the development of the know-how of the modern Milestone team. The company developed a conversion of Super Loopz for the Super NES, as well as an original title called Iron Assault. Milestone wasn't founded until 1996, and immediately established a reputation for high quality, attention to detail, and a flair for creating unique and compulsive gameplay. In the same year, Milestone's position as brand leader in the field of PC driving games was cemented with Screamer 2, a game that was hailed by gamers from all over the world for its compelling playability and captivating graphics, and that earned unanimous acclaim from the specialist press.