Meet our team


The development team is the creative and productive fulcrum, where every Milestone videogame comes to life. Various professionals contribute to the creation of the product, with the goal of giving the player an authentic simulation racing experience, looking to constant growth and continuous innovation. This “made in Italy” software house owes its excellence to every single department which forms a part of it:
  • The Game Design department collaborates in synergy with the Research and Development department in the creation process, which starts with the ideation of the product concept and finishes with the finalisation of the technology needed to create the final content.
  • The Programming department is made up of a team of experts who write the game code, giving it its logic and functionality (Game Modes in Single-Player, Multiplayer and Online). They are flanked by 2-D Artists, 3-D Artists and Graphic Programmers, who are in charge of artistic direction, creation, production of graphics and the Visual Effects for every product.
  • The Sound and Audio Design department supply the soundtracks and sound effects which accompany the player throughout the game experience.
  • The QA Specialist department, during all phases of the creative process, verifies the product’s quality with the aim of guaranteeing the final user a complete and involving gaming experience.
  • The product’s Core Team handles Project Management: being project progress, revenue costs and monitoring of the title’s qualitative level as well as organising and planning production activities.


The team of creative minds responsible for publishing take care of the managing and production of content broadcast via traditional or digital media. Their remit includes: the management of advertising activity, public relations, with the specialist and other press, strategic marketing and brand perception activities in the market. This department encompasses roles such as the Brand Manager, the PR Manager, the Community Manager, and the Sales department that is in constant communication with distributors in Italy and abroad.


At Milestone the staff is made up of various departments such as: the Administrative department, for company economic resource management activity, Human Resources for managing and organising company employees, the IT department for the technical management of the computer infrastructure, the Operations department and the Data Management department.