WRC 3 World Rally Championship
Authentic Rally Experience

Authentic Rally Experience

WRC 3 marks a radical departure from previous titles and sets itself apart by the decision of the development team to create an all-new, internally developed graphics and game engine: the Spike Engine. There are three principal game modes: Road to Glory, the compelling new career mode, WRC Experience, which puts the player in the shoes of a real rally professional, and WRC Online, the incredible multiplayer mode. WRC 3 contains all the rallies lined up for the 2012 WRC season, all 54 teams and riders as well as an all-new career mode. Milestone has also ensured that every aspect of the game is accessible to new players, meaning they can pick it up and play it straight away, while expert rally enthusiasts will find a vast and comprehensive range of game characteristics to explore, allowing them to drive an authentic WRC car from the comfort of their own sofa.

Release Date

25 OCTOBER 2012


PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®Vita, PC


English, Francais, Italiano, Español, Deutsch, Japanese, Polish


Up to 4 Players



OFFICIAL LICENSE:OFFICIAL LICENSE: Experience all the official contents of the of the FIA World Rally Championship 2012, with all the teams, cars and rallies, as well as a wealth of exclusive content, including the “Rallye Monte-Carlo” and the Volkswagen Polo R WRC test car!

GRAPHIC IMPROVEMENT:All the graphics in WRC 3 have been completely re-elaborated to give players the best rallying experience ever. Thanks to the new Spike Engine lighting effects, shadows and particle effects are all present in-game to offer the maximum level of realism. And look out for the new surfaces and weather conditions!

NEW CARRIER MODE: this is the biggest and most entertaining section of WRC 3. It's a mix of racing and management elements, where the player can personalise their car and team, thus increasing the sense of "free" playability, and combining all the different elements to create a central "narrative" theme... a real adventure that will take you around the world! The Career Mode also presents the all-new challenge system, where the player is faced with various challenges with the objective of hitting certain targets or carrying out particular special manoeuvres!

REAL SOUND: the new engine allows for the separate management of engine sounds and in-game effects. All the cars have been recorded live, including recording from inside the car to capture all the real sounds drivers hear. Each language has its own professional actor performing the role of co-driver, reading out pacenotes prepared by a real co-driver, creating a sensation of total realism.

HANDLING: The game boasts a new, precise physics model that allows players to feel all the excitement of a rally driver. The behaviour of the car on the track is incredibly close to the real thing, and offers players a never before seen level of immersion! Notwithstanding the realism available to expert players, WRC 3 also offers a series of assists (brake assistance, stability control, damage system and so on) that allows new players to pick up and play through a complete Special Stage straight away, so they can enjoy the game immediately until they choose to up the challenge and level of realism.

- Photo Mode
- Rewind Effect
- Online Ranking System
- New Menu style
- Co-driver Audio notes