PC Racing Game

PC Racing Game

Screamer has been developed when Milestone was called Graffiti and published by Virgin Interactive.
Screamer is a real milestone in the history of racing videogames because of its playability and fast and detailed graphics. Nothing like this had ever been seen on a PC before: only in video arcades one could live an authentic arcade experience. The true strength of the game is its playability: skids, ***SPORTELLATE***, fights to death; all this guarantees great fun still today.
The level of graphic details is such that the background is reflected on cars windshields: race under skyscrapers, under the night lights of an amusement park, or race in the countryside under gigantic windmills, or even through the Grand Canyon. The default racing tracks are three but two more can be unlocked by playing the championship.
Different difficulty levels and four game modes give the gaming enthusiast a challenging and passionate experience. The player can put to the test his skills in Championship mode, reach his limits with Time Trial mode or just have fun with Cone Carnage (where the driver must run over the cones to earn precious seconds) and Slalom mode.
There are six vehicles inspired to the most famous supercars of those years, with manual or automatic shifting. A bonus car is also unlockable by completing the Championship mode: the Bullet, a real rocket car.

Release Date

31 OCTOBER 1995


Windows PC


English, Francais, Italiano, Español


Multiplayer up to 8 Player



- Up to 8 players online
- Platform: PC
- 5 difficulty levels
- 5 game modes: Championship, Quick Race, Time Trial, Cone Carnage and Slalom
- Ultra detailed 3D vehicle models and race tracks immersed in animated sceneries