The official fast-paced racing experience

The official Superbike world championship videogame is back!

SBK®2011 pushes the SBK® FIM Superbike World Championship franchise to the limit. Always keeping the focus on realism, simulation and accessibility, this brand new version is faster, more exciting and with more adrenaline than ever before.
The driving model has undergone a series of major changes, succeeding in what seemed to be impossible: the game is now more realistic and at the same time it’s easier and more satisfactory for both newbie and seasoned players. Three levels of realism are available to let the player customize their riding experience, building at the same time a smooth learning curve. Playing with the Low Sim is perfect to learn the tracks and the bike behavior, Medium Sim model eases the reactions of the powerful SBK® bikes, but leaves to the player the possibility of doing incredible late braking maneuvers, Full Sim gives the player the full control of the monster machines of the game. Before getting to the track, the player can set up his bike in the pits using all the options that a real race rider can use. If he doesn’t know how to improve his bike, an engineer is available to do the right fixes based on the player feedback about bike handling. All the player has to do is to tell how handling his bike felt and the engineer will do the setting changes he needs.
The game features a Career Mode in which the player takes the role of a young rider and begins the road towards glory and success. Starting from the Superstock1000 championship, he will need to win races and gain popularity, drawing the attention of stronger teams. To improve his performances, the player will be able to perform special tests during races that, if successful, will unlock upgrades for his bike improving its power or its maneuverability. Now the player can choose to skip by default the session he doesn’t need to play, making the in-game career progression much faster. Another important game mode is the new SBK®Tour which varies the classic race gameplay, giving to the player exciting challenges to complete. These challenges are arcade style races with different requirements the player has to meet. One asks to complete a lap with a short time available and checkpoints along the track that give extra time. Then there are race scenarios in which the player is put in a premade race situation. In another kind of races the player has to stay as close as he can to the suggested racing line for an entire lap. Many more different kinds of races are available in this game mode and it’s fun to discover them all. Challenges are chosen by navigating a world map that suggests the geographical setting of these races and they unlock extra riders and tracks to be used in other game modes. The player can then choose to play a Quick Race, to get immediately into the race action, a Single Weekend, to play all the real sessions of an actual SBK® race, or a single Championship. In Time Attack mode, the player can race around the track for all the time he wants, trying to improve his record laps. These times are then sent to the online leaderboards so the player can see if his performance is really top class or if he needs to further improve his riding skills. The ‘ghosts’ of the performances of the best players can be downloaded and used as a reference when playing this game mode. Two multiplayer modes are available for the brave that want to challenge themselves online, the Online Quick Race and the Online Championship. In the first game mode up to 16 players can race together, one has simply to choose his bike and play one race after the other without worrying too much about anything else. In the championship, the players gain points for their results and at the end of the championship the one with the most points is the winner. Is it better to be fast or to be consistent?
The graphics have been strongly improved, lightning and reflections are now more realistic, enriching the looks of the game. The new Photo mode allows everyone to take pictures of this beauty and share them online using the official site of the game: A new animation system has also been implemented, using the powerful EMotion FX engine. Animations are now smoother, more realistic and nice to watch. Falling from the bike won’t be a pleasure but thanks to the new animations, it will be nicer to watch!

Release Date

1 APRIL 2011


PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, PC


English, Francais, Italiano, Español, Deutsch


Up to 16 Player



All the official riders of the 2011 SBK® season
- All the official riders of the 2010 Supersport and Superstock season
- The exclusive Legendary Roster, with 17 legendary riders of the SBK® history
- 14 official tracks, including Silverstone, and 2 bonus unlockable tracks
- 3 levels of realism and 4 levels of AI difficulty
- A new and improved Career Mode
- The brand new SBK®Tour Mode
- 6 different single player and 2 multiplayer game modes
- New animations system
- Brand new menu environment