Superbike World Championship

Superbike World Championship

The Superbike World Championship comes back to life in SBK09: the teams, the riders, the bikes and the tracks of the world's most thrilling motorbike competition. All the aspects of the Championship have been faithfully reproduced in each aspect of the game: the menu graphics and the TV cameras, the pit, the paddock show, the starting grid and the fascinating "umbrella girls" will contribute to make the gaming experience as involving as possible. Thanks to a series of options it's possible to make the game more faithful to the real thing or easier and more accessible, based on one's preferences. After selecting the preferred riding style between Basic, Arcade, Advanced, Simulation and Extreme, it's possible to adapt the game to each own needs: braking assistance, power braking, front and rear braking at once or separate control, traction control, advanced physics, off track stability control, rider's health, bike damages, tire wear, starting help, automatic transmission, rider position control, official rules, warm up lap, false start penalty, ideal trajectory, riding help. When selecting the Simulation riding model there are many things that need to be taken into consideration: tires wear down, brakes can wear down, the bike can be damaged and the rider can be injured when an accident occurs. It's therefore important to find the best setup for the bike changing suspension setup, handling geometry, braking, chainring length, gear ratio and tire type. The player can interact with the lead engineer in the Pit: all he has to do is explain to the engineer his problem so that mechanics will correctly setup the bike for him. The telemetry system will give indications on performance on the track. For those who want to ride right away, the lead engineer will just use the best bike setup for qualifying or for racing. The realism of this gaming experience goes beyond the race itself, the behaviour of opponents on track and the bike setup, reaching new heights with the detailed track sceneries and the new interactive areas such as the paddock and the podium.

Release Date

8 MAY 2009


PlayStation®2, PSP, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, Windows PC


English, Francais, Italiano, Deutsch, Español


Online: up to 8 Players on Xbox360 and PS3, up to 12 on PC



- Up to 8 players on Xbox 360 and PS3, up to 12 on PC
- Platforms: PC-Xbox360-PS3-PS2-PSP
- 5 Single Player game modes: Quick Race, Training, Race Weekend, Championship, Challenges
- Improved online multiplayer modes, with 3 game modes (Quick Race, Championship and Team Championship)
- Completely customisable game physics and realism settings
- Faithfully reproduced tracks thanks to CAD technology