Experience the Ultimate Motorbike Racing Thrill

Experience the Ultimate Motorbike Racing Thrill

SBK07 is the great return to the Superbike World Championship series from Milestone.
SBK07 introduces itself as the official Championship videogame and the point of reference for the world of two-wheel simulation by allowing the player to enter the Superbike World Championship world.
All the Championship aspects have been faithfully recreated in all game phases: menu graphics, TV cameras and track sceneries make the experience even more involving.
The realism of the track racing experience can be tested in the classic Championship mode and in the new immediate and accessible new game modes: Quick Race, Time Attack, Race Weekend and Challenges take the gaming experience to the extreme.
Quick Race has been studied to enter the game as quickly and easy as possible by selecting game preferences, and Time Attack to race on any track challenging oneself and better one’s own lap time.
Race Weekend instead is made up of free practices, qualifying sessions, Superpole, Warm up and Race.
Challenges are made up of a series of trials that will put the player’s skills to the test in particular and unforeseeable situations. Realism options implemented in the first edition of the official Championship game make the game more arcade or more simulative depending on the player’s preferences and can give the player very different experiences.
The AI evolves around each rider’s exclusive behaviour thus giving each one of them a riding style very similar to the real thing. During races you will notice Bayliss and Corser’s aggressive riding style or even Biaggi’s smoother style.
It is in fact possible to improve the performance of the bikes by modifying many technical characteristics such as gear ratio, suspensions and tire type.
To make the game even more realistic and funny, Multiplayer mode allows the player to challenge other racing enthusiasts in Quick Races or Time Attack races to increase the level of thrill and adrenaline.
SBK07 is the perfect videogame for hardcore gamers thanks to a series of advanced features but also for the casual gamer thanks to the opportunity to face the complexity of riding a bike with a gradual difficulty level.

Release Date

26 OCTOBER 2007


PlayStation®2, PSP


English, Francais, Italiano, Español


Up to 2 Players



- All the official Superbike Champioinship bikes
- 2 bikes and 22 riders at the same time on the track (14 for the PSP).
- 11 official Championship tracks (10 for the PSP).
- 4 game modes: Quick Race, Race Weekend, Championship and Challenges
- 4 variable weather conditions
- Faithfully reproduced bike physics with the support of Superbike engineers
- Extremely realistic riders behaviour on the track