Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo

Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo

Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo is an innovative racing simulation which brings together realistic car physics and spectacular graphics and the typical role-playing game elements, giving birth to the first "Role playing car game" ever created.
For the first time in a racing game, players must improve their driving ability instead of modifying the car, allowing to combine a series of skills based on the different peculiarities of each race, which are as an important element as winning the race.
Other than driving their favourite Alfa Romeo model, players will be able to choose racing equipment which will improve their performance as much as choosing the correct balance between all skills including: reflexes, eye-hand coordination and stress management during high speed races. Another unique skill is the Tiger Effect, which gives players the ability to go back in time for a few seconds in order to correct potentially dangerous mistakes. In SCAR the opponents AI is base on a complex combination of skills and characteristics that helps creating an opponent who adapts perfectly to the cars, the tracks and the player, generating an unlimited number of alternative outcomes.
The skill management system is divided into nine categories:
Heart: improves driver health (driver conditions)
Vision: improves capability of using the Tiger Effect
Intimidation: ability to intimidate the opponents who will make mistakes
Handling: improves car handling
Acceleration: improves car acceleration and reduces gear shifting time
Recovery: reduces damages on the car
Focus: allows the rider to better resist opponents intimidation
Anticipation: improves duration and effectiveness of the Tiger Effect
Endurance: improves physical resistance of the driver
A variety of different tracks allow the player to race on circuit tracks, suggestive Italian sceneries, from Tuscany to Naples, or Florence and Milan's urban sceneries.
The management part of the game allows the player to manage ability points to create a driver who adapts better to different races. An innovative opponents AI system has also been developed which adapts the opponents performance to that of the player. In fact, during any race, cars will challenge each other to get the most ability points. Last but not least, maintaining the Alfa Romeo style, the soundtrack is a 100% Italian remix of Ennio Morricone's music.

Release Date

23 JUNE 2005


Windows PC, Xbox, PlayStation®2


English, Francais, Italiano, Español


Up to 2 Players



- First "CARPG" videogame ever created. A sensational driving simulation with superb physics and graphic details together with the classic RPG rules.
- During the career the rider gets experience points, acquiring new levels and improving his skills.
- Choose and ride an Alfa Romeo, start as a rookie and become an expert.
- Race on circuits and on urban streets, through fantastic Italian locations such as Tuscany's countryside and Naples coast, or racing through Rome and Milan streets.