Racing Evoluzione
Design to Win

Design to Win

Milestone enters the console market with Racing Evoluzione, an Xbox game published by Atari for Infogrames.
Racing Evoluzione is the most ambitious project from Milestone and has a game depth that surpasses all previous games thanks to the incredible number of tracks, vehicle models and game modes, combined with the most exhilarating gameplay ever seen.
As always, the key characteristic of the game is the use of state of the art technology to develop high quality graphics and playability with no rivals that will conquer the player right away.
The original concept from Infograme let’s the player start his own firm with a top car which will allow him to race against the fastest opponents in the world.
The game begins in a small workshop where the player plans, develops and introduces to the market his first racing car prototype. He must select a logo for his firm and with the help of a mechanic he can try to reach success in some local race. Success and fame will give the gamer all he needs to grow and start production.
Race wins and an intelligent marketing plan will allow the firm to expand and to get new employees: a production manager, good mechanics and a hot secretary. With the help of new collaborators it will be possible to improve the productive activity and to create dream machines that will guarantee success even in the most prestigious events.
To make the game as realistic as possible, Infogrames organised a contest with the best design schools to collect their creativity for the best sports car product. It's possible to choose between these designs and to continue towards success creating a complete line with the firm name. The best sponsor for the team must be chosen and opponents selected amongst the best historical cars must be beaten.
Split screen "One to one" multiplayer mode allows having great challenges.

Release Date

20 JANUARY 2003




English, Francais, Italiano, Español


Multiplayer "One to One" in split screen



- First Xbox 360 product for Milestone
- 50 international tracks
- 4 totally different sceneries and tracks on 3 different continents
- Dream mode for the gamers who want to be the protagonists of their own future
- 4 categories to improve the vehicle and to make it a real competition car: Roadster, Sport Car, SuperCar and Dream C
- 40 concept and official cars such as Aston Martin, Mercades, Jaguard, Lotus, Chevrolet, Corvette,etc..
- Damage system
- Interaction between members of the same team and evolution of game behaviour
- Great opponents AI