The Official Motorbike Racing Game of MotoGP

The Official Motorbike Racing Game of MotoGP

MotoGP 07 is Capcom's long awaited debut in the two-wheels world with a PS2 version characterised by the modularity of its driving styles, as per Milestone tradition.
MotoGP07 is good for any riding style: thanks to multiple driving aids options, rookies will find an immediate and quick title and at the same time bike veterans will have fun with a challenging and realistic driving model.
MotoGP07 for PS2, the official MotoGP Championship simulation, features all riders, teams and tracks of the thrilling 2007 season and allows experimenting in first person the incredible power of MotoGP prototypes, dashing at full speed on the tarmac of the most famous world tracks. The king of the game modes in MotoGP 07 is Championship which allows reviving the exact order of all tracks and race weekends in the MotoGP Championship after selecting the rider and his bike.
Once acquainted with acceleration, braking and a bit of practice it's possible to gradually deactivate riding aids and increase the AI difficulty level to find out that it's really "intelligent". The game physics are absolutely realistic, preventing the gamer to brake at the last moment, even with active automatic braking and riding aids.
Along with the Championship, another game mode is just as challenging and funny: Challenges. It will be necessary to go through ever more difficult Challenges such as going through checkpoints with a preset minimum speed, completing a lap within a time limit, perform tricks and so on. MotoGP07 for PS2 is the only game that allows being one of the greatest riders in the world to live all the emotions of the 2007 season and rewrite its ending.

Release Date

26 OCTOBER 2007




English, Francais, Italiano, Español


Up to 2 Players



- Game modes: Quick Race, Time Attack, Championship (customisable by the player), Split screen Multiplayer, Challenges that unlock spectacular photos and amazing movies of the 2007 season
- 3 different riding styles to meet the needs of all kind of players
- Opponents AI that adapts to player skills guaranteeing challenges and fun in all occasions
- Variable weathers
- Engine FX recorded directly from each bike for maximum realism
- Realistic physics, Milestone's trademark