Videogame Quiz

Videogame Quiz

After years of racing games Milestone develops a mainstream title taking inspiration from the famous Italian TV show: l'Eredità.
Immersed in the atmosphere of the TV quiz show, the player will try not to be eliminated by answering all questions in order to conquer the rich €300.000 jackpot.
Everything has been reproduced in detail and the player will be facing the host's avatar, Amadeus, who will be on his side during the whole game.
Before entering the studio it's necessary to create or load up human players, up to seven, and give them a name and a face.
The main screen allows to access three different areas: options, where difficulty level, game speed and other technical options such as video and audio settings can be changed; standings - to see previous scores; and start game - to start a new game.
The virtual Eredità follows the rules and the structure of the famous TV show. To take home the treasure it's necessary to survive to 6 eliminatory timed phases (Fuori il Primo, Vero o Falso, La Patata Bollente, Lei o l'Altra, La Scossa and L'Ultima Sfida).
The first four games continue to the bitter end until one of the competitors makes two mistakes by choosing the wrong option and starting the eliminatory phase. La Scossa asks competitors to answer the question with the wrong answer and with the first mistake the eliminatory phase starts. L'ultima Sfidais a two vs two competition where the first to answer correctly to 5 questions wins and goes through to the last phase of the game, trying to win the jackpot and to be the champion.
In the final phase the player must answer seven questions that will take him closer to the Eredità. In this phase there's no time limit. The first five questions allow the competitor to make one mistake for each but the last two. The results of this phase will be made public only at the end of all the questions.
With more than two wrong answers the competitor eliminated during L'Ultima Sfida will be given the possibility of winning the Champion title if he correctly answers a multiple choice question, with 6 correct answers the player wins €2000 and the Champion title. If the player answers correctly to all 7 questions he wins l'Eredità (up to €300.000) and the coveted Champion title.

Release Date

20 DECEMBER 2003


Windows PC




Lan game with 7 Players



- Identical to the TV show
- Original voice from TV host Amadeus
- LAN multiplayer for up to 7 players