This is No Simulation

This is No Simulation

Evolution GT is the first game in which racing sim and RPG come together to create an exceptional mix of fantasy and fun. These two elements have been developed to offer the gamer a new experience that goes beyond a simple race on a track. The core of the game is an innovative career mode that allows the virtual driver to evolve, from his first races to the maximum level of professionalism.
The gamer has the ability to customise the driver by going through the typical phases of character creation, typical of RPGs, such as improving his skills starting from the driver attitude: aggressivity, intuition, imperturbability and reliability. By joining a team, each driver will develop his own driving style, thus influencing his own growth.
Improving the driver and making him first of the class will require top driving abilities and Gabriele Tarquini, the Italian champion, will be fundamental with his tips on how to improve his driving technique.
It's possible to hone the driver's skills by playing with the different game modes.
Career (or Season) Mode consists in a series of races on different tracks but the driver's growth is not so linear. Each race allows collecting experience points and victory gives the best score. Opponents too will do the same and it's important not to let them through. Challenges consist in 27 specific trials divided into 9 categories, they are all very challenging and directed towards the improvement of a specific skill associated to the driver. Winning challenges is a key factor to maintaining your driver competitive.
Quick races are completely arcade races, meaning that there won't be any customisable car asset, although the driver's skills will influence his driving.
Practice is an experience which allows getting abilities and equipment for the driver and can be either a race against opponents or against time. In split screen multiplayer mode the gamer can choose between a single race, a championship or Survivor mode. A Championship is a variety of races that the gamer can choose.
The realism of the game is very immersive and the stress and the pressure from the opponents can be felt but thanks to the Tiger Effect it's possible to go back in time and correct an error.
All this is topped with spectacular sceneries which make Evolution GT a unique game in its genre: fluidity of the game in all its locations, circuits or urban streets, the variety of sceneries, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan and Florence, countryside streets in the Cote Azure and the Scottish Highlands, Hockenheim and Donington, the details and the variety of cars such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Opel, Pagani, Pontiac, Renault, SEAT, TVR, Vauxhall and Volkswagen.
35 officially licensed cars, all with damage system.

Release Date

7 APRIL 2006


Windows PC, PlayStation®2


English, Francais, Italiano, Español


Up to 2 Players



- 28 tracks, both in dry and wet conditions
- Career mode with driver skills improvement
- Numerous challenges to improve driving skills
- Unlockable helmets, suits, gloves and shoes to better equip the virtual driver
- Special FX such as Intelligent Overtake and Tiger Effect, to anticipate and avoid mistakes and accidents
- Split screen multiplayer mode