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Superbikes Riding Challenge is the new motorcycle simulation game that introduces itself as the most realistic gaming experience at the moment. The main aim of this game is to become the point of reference in the world of motorbike simulation by faithfully reproducing all the available bikes, divided into the three classic categories Naked, Supersport and Superbike, all unlockable in Career and Championship modes.
The player will enjoy the uniqueness of each model thanks to the physics and the animation system that gives an accurate in-game visual representation. The reproduction of each model is based on real data validated by the constructors. Real data means real performances!
Learning to ride well a bike will require several game session for a complete vehicle control but the practical tutorial will help by explaining in detail all the possibilities the game offers, teaching the player to correctly use the front and rear brake, to accelerate in a turn and to keep the bike down when the lights go green in order to avoid to lose precious metres.
Career mode allows the player to “mould” the rider based on his own riding style to improve his skills race after race. Championship mode has a less simulative connotation and all the player will have to do is winning race after race to unlock the most wanted bikes and new tracks.
The realism of this game is guaranteed by the faithful reproduction of each bike with its real configurations, from Honda Hornet to the ultra powerful Suzuki GSXR 100, and by the sceneries that can be enjoyed, such as the countryside dawn or the 2006 version of Assen circuit.
It will be possible to unlock extra material such as Dainese’s accessories thanks to an agreement with the company. These objects will also improve the rider’s fashion style in Career mode.

Release Date



Windows PC, PlayStation®2


English, Francais, Italiano, Español


Up to 2 Players



- More than 40 official bikes
- 3 track cateogires: countryside, city and circuit.
- Different atmospheric conditions: try to race on a dry or wet track!
- More than 50 accessories from Dainese to be used to customise the rider.
- Two main game modes: Career and Trophy.